Friday, July 26, 2013

Me time

 photo DSC03308.jpg  photo 8bec946c-3a6a-4ea7-8484-aaf1414ec8fe.jpg

Welcome back readers, I hope all is well. So ladies, ever had days where you just wanna feel pretty so you get dolled up to take yourself out, ME NEITHER lol......actually I'm serious. Sometimes us ladies should just treat ourselves, we don't need a man's or anyone's company for that matter to have a great time. So last weekend, I went downtown looking for a nice restaurant and just walked into a nice Thai restaurant and had some amazing sushi facing the window. I must say it was worth my me time. What have you done for yourself lately?

Shirt, Trousers & Necklance: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors 


  1. Me times are good!'s peaceful and I actually learn a lot about myself during those times.

    I love your outfit; simple and fab. :)