Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Eve Dress

New Years Eve is upon us people, meaning it is time to get that perfect dress LADIES. Every year most of us females dream of wowing the world with the outfit we enter the new year with. It's very crucial and is one of the most important piece of outfit decision we will have to make each year.....Not to worry, I am here to help alleviate the stress LOL. 

First of all, one must choose the perfect NYE dress based on the event one attends.  Here are types of dresses and where they can be worn to. 

The BODYCON dress
Do not get it twisted, bodycon dresses can be more than sexy, they can also be classy. Like the one on the left from ZARA(I wore this dress for my graduation). It is the perfect feel sexy and classy dress at the same time. Perfect for some special time with your significant other, either at a nice restaurant or even a nice lounge.  

The Formal Dress
Who says "us" normal people can't wear formal dresses. I am one of those people who would throw on a formal dress to a dinner date with friends, BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU. Formal dresses can be worn to only few places seeing that us normal people don't really have too many "events" to wear them to. So where can we wear it to? Like me, You might find yourself at church on NYE. I believe that wearing a dress like this to church is not overdoing it. You can never go wrong with wearing your sundays best on NYE. 
The Sequin Dress
Oh.. the sequin dress! Now, I'm not too much of a fan but putting on the right sequin dress can definitely get me going.  Sequin dress is the perfect stand out and be the center of attention dress. This should be worn to a club, party, lounge or any NYE event with dancing, music and anything fun! 

The statement dress
We all have those moments when we just want to get out of our little shell and go a little extravagance. So we choose the dramatic dresses that you know no one in the room will dear not have on because no one is as bold as you. I call these dresses the statement dresses. BEWARE.. These dresses have a tendency to make you feel extremely sexy and daring. Don't say I did not warn you. This type of dress is the dress that should be worn everywhere EXCEPT church LOL. 

Whatever you do, make sure you look good doing it. Have a safe and healthy New Years. XOXO.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweater Season

DSC02605 DSC02612 DSC02618 DSC02626 DSC02570

Happy Holidays everyone. This holiday I find myself reaching for sweaters a whole lot.  I practically wear them with everything: skirts, tights, trousers, etc. I fell in love with this sweater from H & M and just can't put it down.  Got it at the black friday deal for $15 and its original price was $39.99, which was a lucky deal to me. I'm a lazy shopper, I would rather get something at its original price than look for deals BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU.  I also changed my foundation routine and I noticed that it keeps my face looking more natural and less caked on, yahh for bronzers. Anyways, hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

Sweater & Necklace: H&M
Jumpsuit: ASOS
Loafers: Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, December 21, 2012

Alice and Olivia Pre Autumn 2013 Collections

I am in love with this collection from Alice and Olivia. These are some of my favorite items and some things that I would personally wear. I am not one of those people who wears things because its in, if I won't wear it, I won't put it on my blog. This is actually my first collection blog and I must say I couldn't have placed a better line on here. I did not want to put high fashion lines on my blog because then it makes it seem less personal and more like a magazine which I did not want. From time to time I will put some collections that I like but not too often because this blog is about me and not other people BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU.

Presenting Alice and Olivia Pre Autumn 2013 Collection...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All color everything

Photobucket Photobucket

Hello beautiful people. Hope all is well
......I am absolutely loving my hair and can't get enough of it. The older it gets the yummier is looks and makes me feel BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU. Never thought I would feel sexy or womanly(If thats a word) with braids on but I actually do. This hair is also great for this winter, because it keeps me warm and snuggly lol.

Hope you guys enjoy this outfit I put together, all color everything lol. I've been loving a lot of bright lately. I'm guessing because it matches my mood. I am having a great year and I hope you guys are as well. God has been amazing to me and it will only get better in Jesus name, AMEN! Enjoy your week  lovers and friends XOXO.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Barely there


I am a huge fan of barely there makeup and bold lips! I feel like a killer lippie can accentuate any face and it will still be beat BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU.   Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as amazing as mine was. See you soon bloggers....XOXO

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mustard & Peplum

DSC02411 DSC02410 DSC02409 DSC02403

Oh! How I love fall and winter BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU! My two favorite seasons for everything. It's funny because the meaning of my name Tutu means cold and I love being cold (FUN FACT lol). But anyways... Its very common that people tend to wear dark colors during the cold seasons. Winter is already depressing and gloomy enough for us to keep wearing all things dark! Switch it up this season, brighten up your day by brightening up your wardrobe.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Oxblood Obsession

DSC02366 DSC02362 DSC02385 DSC02390 DSC02391 DSC02382

Oxblood is obviously the new ever so popular trend right now, some even call it the new black. Its the perfect color for this gloomy season. I find the color very cool and easy to pair with any and every color BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU. I paired it with red, aqua and even another oxblood top and they all looked dashing. I decided to wear it this aquaish lace top because it accentuates this oxblood trousers. 

I wore this to my friends birthday celebration this past weekend. We went out to eat with a few friends, then hopped to a lounge/bar called sushi rock and then to an african shindig. It was fun and this outfit was a perfect fit for the whole night. 

Blouse: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Trousers: H&M
Pumps: Christian Louboutin 
Necklace: H&M

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hair is FUN!

I am probably the most anti-natural person you will ever meet. I say this because so many females who are natural comes off as bullies. It blows my mind how they judge other females who decides to perm their hair. No! Us "other" black women are not trying to be like white women, we just want to be able to get up and go in the morning. Anyone who has a bit of melanin inside of them, knows how hard it can be to take care of our hair. Yes, it is doable but most of the time its not easy. 

This was actually the main reason why I didn't want to be natural. I didn't want to be in the same category as the women who declares it a sin to add a little chemical into your OWN hair. But this is not about them. This is about my hair. I don't care for permed or relaxed hair. I just care for healthy hair, BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU. I've had healthy relaxed hair, which was damaged because I didn't take care of it. So I decided to chop it off and try again. This is my do over and I choose to do it this way. If I decide to relax it again, it will be healthy, it will be my choice and I will be happy about it. 

One more thing.IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS, HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HAIR because in the words of Tracee Ellis Ross "HAIR IS FUN!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jumpsuit and Curls

DSC02312 DSC02309
Curls were achieved with Remington Wand, which took hours cause this hair is like 4 packs of hair!
     Green has never been my color and will probably never be, but I fell in love with this jumpsuit from Zara. Actually fell in love is an understatement, I literally ran all the way to New York to get this jumpsuit because there's no Zara in Ohio(*Sigh) and it was sold out online. Anyways... Its outfits like this that makes me hate being short because they dominate me BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU, I swear I can pull off not wearing any shoes and no one would notice (I am wearing shoes though) lol.

It was an interesting weekend. Went to a wedding....AGAIN lol. It seriously is wedding season because everywhere I go there's a new invitation to a wedding. No complaints though because if its one thing I love, its weddings.   After that, I went to a lounge party for a friend and then I went to a radio launch event, all in one night. I chose an outfit that I knew would be appropriate for every event. Like I said it was an interesting night to say the least. Hope you guys have a lovely week. Until next time bloggers and viewers *XOXOXO*.

Jumpsuit: Zara
Necklace: PNK elephant
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: ASOS

Saturday, October 20, 2012


PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of blacks but I always add a little piece of yummy color to it.  To me wearing a pop of color to an all white, all black or a mix of both makes your outfit stand out more than it already does, BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU.

Anyways.. I have worn these two items separately but have never worn them together because the 20's skirt is  really dressy and the t-shit is so casual. I was skeptical about wearing them together, but who says you can't add a dressy item with a casual item? Definitely not I, to me it can still looks elegant just depends on how you wear it.  Don't be afraid to mix things together, you will be surprised what actually works well together.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to: Socks

Previously, solid colored socks were mainly worn such as navy, dark blue, gray. This was because those colors gave more of a clean look.  Now, times have changes were as in men transformed the standards by adding a little flavor.  Wearing socks has become its own statement through argyle prints, pinstripe, stripe designs, etc.  


It is becoming a fashion statement especially in an office setting because lets face it, business causal can be boring. Socks is one of the ways a man can show his style.  Not to mention, socks tend to be an essential piece in completing a business casual outfit.  As they say, its all in the socks because as your slacks rise thereby showing your socks, your style is revealed, BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU.

Socks: Uniqlo and Brooks brothers

Model: Johnson Asase and Anthony B. Seriki