Thursday, September 5, 2013

Behind the brain

 photo DSC03698-1.jpg
 photo DSC03664.jpg
 photo DSC03670.jpg  photo DSC03634.jpg  photo DSC03647.jpg  photo DSC03649.jpg  photo DSC03648.jpg  photo 83c223d5-9184-43a1-b599-2a726013366b.jpg  photo DSC03640.jpg''  photo 518cfc07-2283-4f9b-a565-3ba8e8020599.jpg  photo DSC03638.jpg  photo bd16cdbc-9d75-4dce-89fb-b7ecac17f8e7.jpg  photo DSC03625.jpg  photo 45c6135c-0d6b-40ac-9eb8-816ce26dcd62.jpg  photo DSC03676.jpg

In honor of 'Back to School' week or should I say weeks lol, I'm posting this get up and go fit for my students.  A good androgynous fit with a touch of feminism is perfect for an early morning poli sci class. Now don't be like those cute freshmens who wear heels to class on the first day of school, just put on a nice brogue and call it a day.

Blazer & Skirt: ASOS
pumps: Christian Louboutin
Blouse & Jewelry: H&M
Clutch: Zara