Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To: Bohemian Braid with weave

Sorry Guys. I wanted to make a video but something came up

This would work so great on relaxed hair as well as natural Hair

Achieving the bohemian braiding style can be complicated especially when you have short hair.
 I suggest you get the cheap synthetic weave for corn rows at the beauty store, its like $1.99 a pack and thats all you'll need ( keep in mind the longer the better )

Steps I followed:
1) I braided the weave from the top to the bottom 

2) I burned the end of the braid so that the braids will not come undone

3) Part your hair how you like or simply brush it back like I did

4) Put your hair in a ponytail
5) Place the braid where you feel fits you best then wrap it around your pony tail
6) Curve the pony tail or braid it depending on how long your hair it
7) Use a few bobby pins to lock your hair into the braids

And WA L A! Just like that you're done. 
I call this hairstyle the "Lazy Do" because its the kind you can quickly whip up on a fast pace day BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU


  1. this is something even i think i could do, and i am so not good with hair...

  2. I love this might give it ago :) x

  3. your hair look amazing love it