Saturday, October 13, 2012

A touch of Floral

Ohio weather is super weird. It was gloomy but 72 degrees so I decided to bring my trench just in case the weather decides to feel the way it looks. 

Its always good to shop in your closet. Instead of going out to find something new, thereby adding to the many things you do not wear,  you can actually wear something you already have. I got this shoe approximately two years ago and I only wore it once. Never really been a fan of floral but for some reason I thought I would put them on today. In my opinion it added a little spice and brought this outfit to life, BUT THAT'S JUST TUTU. Shop in your closet and see what you come up with.
Blouse: I wanna say H&M ( but I really have no idea) 
Trousers: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldos
Trench: H&M 
Necklace: PNK elephant 


  1. nice set. i like green pants with white blouse

  2. I shop my closet all the time now! Saves a LOT of money!